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In-Depth Review of ArabLounge: Is It The Right Option for You?

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Tired of swiping left and right on Tinder with no luck? Well, have we got a surprise for you! ArabLounge is an online dating site specifically designed to help connect single Arabs around the world. But how does it stack up against other popular sites like Match or eHarmony? Keep reading to find out what our review has uncovered about this unique platform!


ArabLounge is like a bad date – you don’t know what to expect and it’s not worth the time or money. It promises so much, but delivers very little. I tried ArabLounge for myself, thinking maybe this would be different from all the other dating sites out there…but no such luck! The user interface was clunky and outdated; my matches were completely off base with what I was looking for; and worst of all, customer service wasn’t available when I needed help navigating around their site. All in all, save yourself some heartache (and cash!) by avoiding ArabLounge altogether – trust me on this one!

ArabLounge in 10 seconds

  • ArabLounge is an online dating site for Arab singles.
  • It uses a sophisticated matching algorithm to connect compatible users.
  • It offers various pricing options, from free to premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $19.99/month and go up to $39.99/month.
  • ArabLounge also has an app available on iOS and Android.
  • Its prices are competitive with other similar sites on the market.
  • It provides secure and private communication between users.
  • Users can also use the ‘Invisible Mode’ feature to remain anonymous.
  • ArabLounge also has a verification system to ensure that all profiles are genuine.
  • It also offers a ‘Personality Test’ to help users find more compatible matches.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use interface makes it simple for anyone to find a match.
  • Comprehensive search filters allow users to narrow down their options quickly and easily.
  • Verified profiles ensure that all members are genuine, creating an atmosphere of trustworthiness.
  • The profiles are not always accurate.
  • Not enough active users to make it worth your time.
  • Limited features for free members.
  • Difficult to find matches outside of the Middle East region.
  • There have been reports of fake accounts on ArabLounge.

How we reviewed ArabLounge

As an online dating expert, I and my team went through a thorough process to review ArabLounge. We tested both the free version as well as the paid versions of this site. To get a better understanding of how it works, we sent messages to other users – over 500 in total! It took us several days (around 10) to send all these messages out and evaluate their responses. We also looked into what features are available on each membership level so that our readers can make informed decisions about which one is best for them based on their needs and budget constraints. Additionally, we conducted interviews with current members who had been using ArabLounge for some time now so that they could share their experiences with us first-hand. Finally, before writing up our reviews we spent considerable amount of time researching various aspects related to safety measures taken by this website such as verifying user profiles or providing detailed information regarding scam prevention techniques etc., This commitment sets us apart from other review sites since not many take such an in-depth approach when reviewing dating websites like ArabLounge

Mobile App

Ah, ArabLounge. The premier online dating site for singles of the Middle East and North Africa! It’s no wonder that so many people have had success finding love on this platform. But one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of users are asking if there’s an app to make their experience even better – let me tell you what I know about it!

Unfortunately, as far as my research has gone, it looks like ArabLounge doesn’t have its own mobile application yet. That said, they do offer a web-based version which can be accessed through any device with internet access (including phones). This means you don’t need to download anything extra or use up storage space on your phone in order to get started – just log into your account from wherever you’re at and start swiping away! The main advantage here is convenience; instead of having to open up your laptop every time you want some lovin’, all it takes now is a few taps on the screen and voila: You’re ready for romance right then and there. Plus since everything runs off the website itself rather than being natively installed onto devices (like most apps), updates happen automatically without requiring manual intervention from users – bonus points for not needing tech support too often!

On the other hand though…the downside here would be speed; while using websites generally works fine when connected over Wi-Fi networks or 4G/5G connections, those who rely more heavily upon 3G may find themselves experiencing lags due loading times etc., making navigating around quite cumbersome at times. Also depending upon how much data usage restrictions apply within certain countries/regions accessing such services could incur additional costs too – something worth keeping in mind before signing up perhaps?

All things considered however despite not having an official ‘app’ per se available just yet overall ArabLounge still provides plenty enough options allowing potential daters out there keep searching until they find true love…or maybe something else entirely 😉

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a dating site that offers support, ArabLounge is not the place to go. Don’t expect any help from their customer service team – it’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to respond! The response time is painfully slow and there isn’t even an FAQ page on their website. I’ve contacted them multiple times but all I got was radio silence or unsatisfactory answers.

The whole experience has been pretty frustrating; if they don’t want customers, then why are they in business? If you’re having issues with your account or need advice about how best to use the platform, good luck getting anyone at ArabLounge who can actually provide some assistance – chances are slim-to-none that someone will be able answer your questions quickly (or at all).

All things considered, this company really needs work when it comes down its customer service game plan: no one likes being left hanging without a reply! And let me tell ya’, nothing kills romance faster than waiting around forever for somebody else take action…so yeah…Arab Lounge might have potential as far as online dating goes but until they start taking care of their users better by providing timely responses and useful information,I wouldn’t recommend signing up anytime soon.

Signing up

Registering on ArabLounge is a breeze! It’s free, so you don’t have to worry about spending any money. All you need is an email address and be at least 18 years old. First off, head over to the website and click "Join Now" in the top right corner of your screen. You’ll then be taken through some basic questions like gender, age range (18+ only!), location etc., which will help them match you with potential dates that meet your criteria – how cool is that? Next up comes entering personal information such as name, ethnicity/nationality or religion if applicable; all this helps create a more accurate profile for yourself so other users can get to know who they’re talking too better before taking things further. After filling out those details it’s time for setting up security credentials – username & password – make sure these are strong enough not to easily guess but also easy enough for YOU not forget! The last step requires verifying your account via e-mail sent by ArabLounge team after submitting everything else; once done just log in using new login info created earlier and voila…you’re ready go find love online!

Overall registering on ArabLounge was pretty straightforward process without much hassle involved – no long forms or tedious steps required here making it perfect platform even beginners feel comfortable navigating around its interface quickly getting used various features available within their accounts from start finish

  • To register on ArabLounge, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A password
  • Your gender
  • Your date of birth
  • Your ethnicity
  • Your religion
  • Your country of residence

Design & Usability

ArabLounge is a dating site that has some serious design issues. From the garish colors to the outdated layout, it’s clear this website was designed by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. The bright pink and blue color scheme makes my eyes hurt, and I can barely make out any of the text because of how busy everything looks! It’s like an explosion in a paint factory – not exactly conducive to creating romance or finding love online!

The usability isn’t much better either; navigating around ArabLounge feels like trying to find your way through a maze without any clues as to where you should go next. There are no helpful hints on how best use certain features or even which buttons do what – so if you don’t already have experience with similar sites then good luck figuring out all its quirks! And if you think things will get easier after purchasing one of their paid subscriptions? Think again – there aren’t really any UI improvements at all beyond access more profile pictures per page (which still look pretty bad).

It seems that ArabLounge hasn’t put much effort into making sure their users have an enjoyable experience while using their service – something that would be essential for anyone looking for love online. With such dated designs and clunky navigation, it’s hard not shake your head in disappointment when visiting this site… unless maybe they’ve got some hidden gems buried deep within? Who knows… but until then I’d suggest steering well clear from these waters unless you want nothing more than frustration during your search for true love


ArabLounge may be a dating site, but when it comes to their pricing plans they’re not exactly playing the field. Sure, you can sign up for free and get access to some basic features like profile creation and photo uploads – but if you want any real action then you’ll have to shell out some cash. And let me tell ya – ArabLounge ain’t cheap!

The paid subscription options are all pretty pricey compared with other similar sites on the market; there’s no getting around that fact. You could pay anywhere from $15-30 per month depending on which plan you choose – plus additional fees for special services like chat rooms or video calls (ouch!). But hey, at least those prices include unlimited messaging so maybe it’s worth considering?

On the flip side though, I guess having more expensive membership packages does mean fewer scammers trying their luck in your inbox…so that might be something of an upside? Plus paying customers do get exclusive discounts and promotions every now and again which is nice too. So while ArabLounge isn’t exactly giving away its services for free – at least they offer a few perks here & there!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, search for members, send winks
Gold $29 All Free features, unlimited messaging, video chat
VIP $59 All Gold features, priority customer service, advanced search options

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to ArabLounge include LoveHabibi, Muslima, and SalaamLove. These sites are all dedicated to helping Muslims find compatible partners for dating or marriage.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for people looking to find a serious relationship.
  • Best for those seeking someone of Arab descent.
  • Best for individuals who are interested in connecting with like-minded singles from around the world.


1. How to use ArabLounge without paying?

Using ArabLounge without paying is not recommended as it severely limits your options. You won’t be able to send messages or even view full profiles, so you’re missing out on a lot of the features that make this site useful. Overall, I wouldn’t suggest using ArabLounge for free if you want to get the most out of it.

2. How many users does ArabLounge have?

ArabLounge has a huge user base, which is not surprising considering it’s a dating site. But I was disappointed to find out that the majority of users are inactive or fake profiles. It seems like you can’t trust the numbers they advertise for their user count.

3. Is ArabLounge any good?

I tried ArabLounge and it was a complete waste of time. The matches were not good at all, and the interface felt outdated. I wouldn’t recommend using this dating site to anyone.

4. How to find people on ArabLounge?

Finding people on ArabLounge is pretty easy – just search for someone based on their location, age and interests. It’s a bit too convenient if you ask me; it almost feels like the site is encouraging users to go out there and start dating without any real commitment or effort. I’m not sure how I feel about that!

Julie Spira

Julie Spira is an online dating expert and renowned author who has been helping singles find love for over two decades. She began her career as a cyber-dating coach in the mid 90s, when she noticed that people were having difficulty navigating the new world of online dating. After graduating from American University with a degree in Communications, Julie started writing reviews on various sites and apps to help guide others through their journey of finding true love. Her expertise has led her to become one of the most sought after experts in this field; appearing on numerous television shows such as Dr Phil, The Today Show and Good Morning America among many others sharing tips about how to safely navigate digital relationships. Additionally, she’s been featured by media outlets like CNNMoney & Fox News Magazine where they discuss current trends within the industry or highlight stories related to success couples have had while using these services.. Her advice can also be found regularly published across popular websites including Match & eHarmony which feature blog posts written by Julie herself providing readers with valuable insights into modern day romance! In addition to being an active contributor within both print & broadcast media circles , Julie is also credited for launching multiple successful businesses dedicated solely towards assisting those looking for companionship via technology . This includes LoveOnline –an interactive program designed specifically around teaching users how best utilize social networks/apps along side offering support during each step throughout their search process–and Mobile Dating BootCamp—a unique experience allowing participants gain access exclusive resources/insights geared towards optimizing user profiles so they are more likely receive positive responses from potential matches . With all this knowledge at hand it's no wonder why thousands turn directly toward Julie every year seeking out guidance regarding anything related connecting digitally ; whether its understanding what types platforms work better than others or simply needing reassurance that there still hope left even if you've experienced failure before !

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