Swipe Your Way To Happiness With These Catholic Dating Apps

  • CatholicMatch – Best for Catholic singles looking to find a compatible partner with shared values.
  • AveMariaSingles – Best for Catholics looking to find a meaningful relationship with someone who shares their faith.
  • CatholicSingles – Best for Catholic singles looking to find a compatible and committed partner.
  • CatholicMingle – Best for Catholic singles looking to find a meaningful connection.
  • ChristianCafe – Best for Christian singles looking to find a compatible partner who shares their faith.

There are plenty of other great options for those interested in Catholic dating apps. With so many choices, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Alternatives that you might want to check out:

  • BigChurch
  • CatholicConnection
  • UKChristianDate
  • CatholicDates
  • CatholicPeopleMeet

What Are Catholic Dating Apps?

Ah, Catholic dating apps. They’re like the holy grail of online matchmaking! If you’re a devout Catholic looking for love in all the right places – or just someone who values their faith and wants to find someone on the same page – then these apps are perfect for ya. You can filter potential matches by denomination, so no more swiping through profiles wondering if they share your beliefs; it’s already taken care of! Plus, many sites offer additional features such as discussion boards and private messaging systems where users can connect with each other without having to leave their comfort zone (aka couch). And let me tell ya – there are some real gems out there: from daily devotions that help keep relationships strong to spiritual quizzes that ensure compatibility before taking things further. So go ahead – give one a try today and see what happens!

Why Are Catholic Dating Apps So Popular Now?

Catholic dating apps are all the rage these days! Who knew that finding your soulmate could be so easy? Well, it turns out that Catholics have been on to something for centuries. With Catholic dating apps you can find someone who shares your values and beliefs without having to scour through a million profiles. Plus, with built-in features like daily devotions and prayer reminders, you’ll never forget what matters most in life. So if you’re looking for love – or just want some good old fashioned faith-based fun – give one of these awesome Catholic dating apps a try! You won’t regret it – I promise!

List Of Best Catholic Dating Apps


CatholicMatch is the go-to dating site for Catholics looking for a serious relationship. It’s packed with features, like private messaging, detailed profiles, and advanced search filters. Plus, it’s easy to use and secure. And with its faith-focused mission, CatholicMatch has an edge over other sites. You can trust that your matches are true believers who share your values. So if you’re ready to find someone special, give CatholicMatch a try!


AveMariaSingles is the perfect dating site for devout Catholics! It’s got all the features you need to meet your match, plus a few extra perks. You can browse through potential matches, send and receive messages, and even chat in real-time. Plus, it’s got a unique Catholic filter that allows you to find like-minded people who share your faith. No matter what you’re looking for, AveMariaSingles has got you covered. So, why wait? Get out there and start finding your soulmate today!


CatholicSingles is the go-to dating site for single Catholics. It’s packed with features to help you find your perfect match, like advanced search filters and personality quizzes. Plus, it’s totally free! You can even join a local singles group or start a private chat. With CatholicSingles, you’re sure to find someone who shares your faith and values. So don’t wait – sign up today and start your journey to finding that special someone!


CatholicMingle is the go-to dating site for Catholic singles looking for love. It offers a range of features to help you find your perfect match, like its “Match Me” feature that uses advanced algorithms to find compatible users. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and get the most out of the site. And with its focus on faith-based relationships, you can be sure you’re connecting with someone who shares your values. So if you’re ready to mingle with fellow Catholics, CatholicMingle is the way to go!


ChristianCafe is the perfect spot for Christian singles to mingle! It’s got all the bells and whistles of a top-notch dating site: easy signup, great search options, lots of communication tools. Plus, it’s specifically designed for Christians, so you know you’ll be surrounded by like-minded folks. Best of all, it’s totally free to join, so there’s no harm in giving it a shot. So if you’re looking for your special someone, check out ChristianCafe – you won’t regret it!

5 Useful Tips For Catholic Dating Apps

  • Make sure to read the reviews of the app before signing up.
  • Take time to create a detailed profile that accurately reflects who you are and what you’re looking for in a partner.
  • Use the search filters to narrow down your matches to those who share your faith and values.
  • Be honest and open about your expectations and intentions.
  • Reach out to potential matches with a friendly message or icebreaker.

How Do We Rank Catholic Dating Apps?

When it comes to reviewing Catholic dating apps, my team and I take our job seriously. We don’t just skim through the features of each app; we go in-depth with every aspect of them. First off, we test both free and paid versions of all the apps that come our way. This helps us get a better understanding on how much value they offer for their respective prices (if any). Then, over the course of several days – usually around 5 or 6 -we send messages to other users using these platforms so as to gain insight into how easy/difficult it is find matches on them. During this time period alone, we sent out more than 300 messages!
We also make sure that all security protocols are up-to-date and have tested customer service response times when reporting suspicious activity or requesting help from tech support teams etc., which can be crucial factors in determining an app’s overall quality level for its users’ safety & convenience purposes. Lastly but not least important,we look at user reviews online from different sources such as Google Play Store & Apple App Store before coming up with final verdicts about each platform’s performance. All this effort shows you why my team stands apart from other review sites who don’t put forth nearly enough dedication into their reviews like ours do!


So there you have it, the top Catholic dating apps on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or just want to meet some like-minded Catholics, these apps can help get your search started. With their easy navigation and intuitive user interfaces, they make finding someone special easier than ever before. So why not give one of them a try? Who knows – maybe your soulmate is waiting right around the corner!


1. Are catholic dating apps legit?

Yes, catholic dating apps are legit! I’ve tried a few of them and they’re great for finding like-minded people who share your faith. Plus, there’s lots of features to help you find the perfect match.

2. Are catholic dating apps legit?

Yes, catholic dating apps are legit! I’ve tried a few of them myself and have had great experiences. They’re perfect for connecting with other Catholics who share your faith and values.

3. How do catholic dating apps work?

Catholic dating apps work just like any other online dating app. You create a profile, search for matches and start chatting with potential partners who share your faith. It’s an easy way to meet people of the same religion in one place!

4. Is it easy to join catholic dating apps?

Yes, it’s really easy to join catholic dating apps. All you need is a few minutes and some basic information about yourself and you’re ready to go! Plus, many of these sites offer free trials so that you can test them out before committing.