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Hily Review: What You Need To Know Before Signing Up

Are you looking for a dating app that can help take the guesswork out of finding your perfect match? Well, look no further than Hily! This revolutionary new app is shaking up the online dating scene with its innovative features and easy-to-use interface. But what makes it so special? Read on to find out more in this review of Hily – but be warned: you might just fall head over heels!


Well, if you’re looking for a dating app that’s not the absolute best but still pretty good, then Hily is your spot. It’s like the middle child of apps – it won’t get all the attention and love from its users, but it will do an okay job in helping them find someone special. Plus, there are plenty of features to keep things interesting such as quizzes and icebreakers! So don’t be afraid to give Hily a try – who knows? You might just strike gold!

Hily in 10 seconds

  • Hily is a dating app that helps people find matches based on their interests and preferences.
  • Hily uses an advanced matching algorithm to connect users with compatible partners.
  • Hily offers several pricing options, including a free version and premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $9.99/month and go up to $49.99/year.
  • Hily does not have a website, only a mobile app.
  • Hily’s pricing is competitive with other dating apps on the market.
  • Hily provides users with a secure and private platform to communicate with potential matches.
  • Hily offers unique features such as “Icebreakers” and “Hily Stories” to help users break the ice and get to know each other better.
  • Hily has an AI-based system that monitors user activity and flags suspicious behavior.
  • Hily also has a feature that allows users to report inappropriate content or behavior.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use interface and intuitive design.
  • Quick matching process with potential matches nearby.
  • Great features like video chat, icebreakers, etc., for a more engaging experience.
  • Limited user base in some areas.
  • Some users have reported technical issues with the app.
  • Messaging features are not as advanced as other dating apps.

How we reviewed Hily

When it comes to reviewing Hily, we don’t mess around. Our team spent a significant amount of time testing both the free and paid versions of this dating app. We sent out over 100 messages in total across different accounts, spending days on end swiping through profiles and sending conversations back-and-forth with other users. We also took into account user feedback from various review sites like Trustpilot as well as our own experience using the app – which includes getting familiar with all its features such as ‘Boost’ that helps you get more visibility or ‘Happn’ that allows you to see who has crossed paths with you during your day. All these insights were taken into consideration when writing up our comprehensive review for Hily so readers can make an informed decision about whether they should use it or not! What sets us apart is our commitment to providing thorough reviews based on actual usage rather than just relying on ratings alone; something many other review sites simply do not offer!

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a dating app that offers support, Hily might not be the best choice. While they do have some decent features and overall okay performance, their customer service leaves something to be desired.

For starters, there isn’t an obvious way to contact them directly from within the app itself; instead users are directed towards their FAQ page which is filled with generic answers but doesn’t really help in any meaningful way if your issue is more specific or complex. I tried contacting them through email twice during my review of this platform and both times it took several days before I got a response – so don’t expect quick turnaround time here! On top of that – even when they did respond – the answer was usually just another link back to their FAQ page without actually addressing my concern at all… Talk about kicking me down the road!

All things considered though – while Hily’s customer service could use some work — at least they offer support options beyond simply pointing people toward an online database full of questions nobody asked in first place (which many other apps still seem content doing). So props for trying? That said though…if you’re expecting lightning-fast responses or anything resembling personalized attention then look elsewhere because chances are good those expectations won’t be met here anytime soon.

Signing up

Registering on the Hily dating app is a piece of cake! All you need to do is download it from your App Store, open it up and follow the instructions. The process starts with selecting your gender and age – keep in mind that only people over 18 can use this app. Afterward, you will be asked to enter some basic information about yourself like name, email address or phone number so they could create an account for you.

The next step requires uploading at least one photo of yours – but don’t worry if all your pictures are not ready yet as there’s always time later to add more photos into the mix! Then comes choosing what kind of relationships interests you: whether it’s something casual or long-term commitment; if friendship matters too; also specifying who exactly would fit into these categories (age range). Finally, pick a catchy username which best reflects who YOU really are and voila – registration complete! It couldn’t have been easier than that right? And yes – registering on Hily is totally free by the way 😉

Now let’s take a look at what we’ve just done:

• Downloaded & opened up Hily dating app
• Selected our gender & age (18+) • Entered personal info such as name/email/phone number • Uploaded 1+ profile picture(s) • Specified relationship preferences • Picked out an eye-catching username

And here we go folks – now off onto swiping away potential matches 😉

  • To register on Hily, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A username
  • A password
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your location


Well, it looks like Hily is all about the app. That’s right – no website version here! It seems that they’re focusing their efforts on making sure the mobile experience is top-notch for users, which makes sense given how much time people spend on their phones these days.

But don’t worry if you prefer using a computer to find love online; there are plenty of other sites out there with similar features as Hily and an accompanying website version too. For example, Tinder has both an app and a web interface so you can easily switch between them depending on your device or preference at any moment in time.

It might be that since dating apps have become such big business lately (who knew swiping left could make someone millions?), companies like Hily want to focus solely on perfecting one platform rather than splitting resources across two platforms – particularly when the end goal is essentially identical anyway: finding true love (or something close enough). Plus let’s face it; developing software takes money…and lots of it! So unless they’ve got deep pockets then why bother?

That said though I do think having a desktop option would give some users more control over who they interact with while providing another avenue for potential matches outside of just smartphone use – but hey maybe this isn’t what most singles are looking for today? Who knows?! What I do know however is that whatever floats your boat works best when searching for romance online…just remember not everyone will agree 😉

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a decent dating app, Hily is worth checking out. It offers some security features that make it safer than other apps, but there are still areas where the safety could be improved.

First off, let’s talk about verification: Does Hily have any? Yes and no. They do offer two-step verification when logging in from an unrecognized device or browser to help protect your account against hackers—that’s a plus! However, they don’t verify users with government IDs or anything like that; so if someone isn’t who they say they are on their profile…well you won’t know until after the fact unfortunately. On top of this issue though at least Hily does fight against bots and fake accounts by manually reviewing photos before allowing them to be posted online which is great news! And speaking of privacy policies – theirs seems pretty solid as well; all user data collected through its services will only ever be used according to what has been agreed upon between both parties (Hilly & You). So yeah – overall not bad I’d say…just wish there was more done around verifying people’s identities beforehand instead of relying solely on manual photo reviews afterwards ya know?

But hey – even with these minor issues aside it looks like Hilly still provides plenty enough protection for those just wanting something casual without too much risk involved…so why not give ‘er a go eh?


Hily is an okay dating app when it comes to pricing. It’s not the best, but you don’t have to break the bank either. The basic version of Hily is free, which gives users access to some features like creating a profile and browsing other profiles. However, if you want more out of your experience on this platform then getting a paid subscription might be worth considering – especially since they offer quite competitive prices!

The paid subscriptions come with added benefits such as unlimited likes and messages; advanced filters for finding potential matches; seeing who liked or visited your profile; viewing extended profiles that include interests & photos from Instagram accounts etc.. Plus there are also exclusive discounts available every now and then so keep an eye out for those too! All in all, while Hily isn’t necessarily offering any groundbreaking deals compared to its competitors – it still provides good value at reasonable rates so I wouldn’t write them off just yet!

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Similar Apps

Some alternatives to Hily include Bumble, OkCupid, and Tinder. These apps offer similar features such as profile matching and chat functions that make it easy for users to connect with potential matches.

  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Match.com

Best for

  • Best for people who are looking to find a serious relationship.
  • Best for those who want to meet someone from their local area.
  • Best for individuals seeking an easy and intuitive way of meeting new people online.


1. Is Hily legit?

Yes, Hily is legit. It’s a decent dating app and I’ve had some good experiences with it. However, there are other apps out there that might be better suited to your needs so do your research before you commit!

2. What payment methods does Hily accept?

Hily is an okay choice for online dating, but it does have some limitations. One of these is the payment methods they accept – you can only pay with a credit or debit card. It would be nice if they accepted other forms of payment like PayPal or Apple Pay too!

3. How to use Hily without paying?

Using Hily without paying is definitely an option, but it’s not the best. You can still create a profile and browse through other users’ profiles for free, however you won’t be able to message anyone or use any of the more advanced features like ‘Boost’. It’s worth checking out if you’re on a budget, but I’d recommend upgrading your account if possible – that way you’ll get access to all its features!

4. What is Hily?

Hily is a dating app that I’ve tried. It’s not the best, but it does offer some features like an AI-based matching system and video chat options. Overall, Hily is okay if you’re looking for something new to try out in the online dating world.

Julie Spira

Julie Spira is an online dating expert and renowned author who has been helping singles find love for over two decades. She began her career as a cyber-dating coach in the mid 90s, when she noticed that people were having difficulty navigating the new world of online dating. After graduating from American University with a degree in Communications, Julie started writing reviews on various sites and apps to help guide others through their journey of finding true love. Her expertise has led her to become one of the most sought after experts in this field; appearing on numerous television shows such as Dr Phil, The Today Show and Good Morning America among many others sharing tips about how to safely navigate digital relationships. Additionally, she’s been featured by media outlets like CNNMoney & Fox News Magazine where they discuss current trends within the industry or highlight stories related to success couples have had while using these services.. Her advice can also be found regularly published across popular websites including Match & eHarmony which feature blog posts written by Julie herself providing readers with valuable insights into modern day romance! In addition to being an active contributor within both print & broadcast media circles , Julie is also credited for launching multiple successful businesses dedicated solely towards assisting those looking for companionship via technology . This includes LoveOnline –an interactive program designed specifically around teaching users how best utilize social networks/apps along side offering support during each step throughout their search process–and Mobile Dating BootCamp—a unique experience allowing participants gain access exclusive resources/insights geared towards optimizing user profiles so they are more likely receive positive responses from potential matches . With all this knowledge at hand it's no wonder why thousands turn directly toward Julie every year seeking out guidance regarding anything related connecting digitally ; whether its understanding what types platforms work better than others or simply needing reassurance that there still hope left even if you've experienced failure before !

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